Sixty Battery, Burlington, VT

Sixty Battery on Urbanspoon

This hotel is in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Burlington. We had breakfast there 29 July.

Three of us got the hot buffet, and Erin got the cold (which is part of the hot). This was a pretty standard buffet with eggs, a couple meat items (sausage and bacon), some potatoes, and French Toast. The eggs were not good; they were a solid mass that looked like they had been baked, instead of being scrambled. The meat items and French Toast were very good.

There was a good selection of fruit and cereals, along with yogurt, and milk and juice to drink.

I asked for iced tea, and it was brought, and not too bad. It was in a glass that held approximately 10cc of drink. Tiny.

Service was very, very good, and friendly. Our servers brought us a sheaf of local coupons that we put to good use.

Our check was $49.46. You can do worse for breakfast. If they can just improve those eggs…

The name of the restaurant comes from the street address of the Hilton, 60 Battery Street. We enjoyed our stay, BTW. The hotel is right near the waterfront; an easy walk.


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