Yankee Smokehouse, West Ossipee, NH

Yankee Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

As we were headed out of the White Mountains into the Boston area during our big family trip a couple weeks ago, we ran across the Yankee Smokehouse. It smelled good from the outside. In spite of our thoughts of “BBQ, in New Hampshire? Good BBQ?”, we decided to give it a try. Even though its BBQ and pizza.

Raegan got a pizza with canadian bacon and pronounced it “OK”. Erin got a cheeseburger that was middling tasty. Ian got a rack of ribs, and I got a HUGE pile of food called the Sampler; it was ribs, brisket, chicken, and pulled pork. It was a *huge* amount of food. The ribs were pretty good, a pleasant surprise. I rated them an 8 on a scale of 1 to JTs. The chicken was OK, but pretty dry. Both the pulled pork and brisket were excellent.

The BBQ sauce was not very good. I think it was a lot of Heinz 57 sauce. The slaw was very vinegary. The fries were pretty good.

Overall, pretty decent BBQ, nicely smoked and tender. The pizza and burger were also. The tea wasn’t good, a concentrate. Service was great. Our check was $75.91. A little high, but again, a huge amount of food. I would eat here again, and get BBQ again.


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