A Slight Downside to Blogging

I get a fair number of comments on blog posts. Some are discussion, most are spam, and are auto-deleted by WordPress, or by me once I see them. I also get a number that I suspect are really meant to drive traffic to other other blogs; I generally approve those. I’ve had maybe five over time that were offensive. Those I have deleted.

I got this one a couple days ago, on a post I made about a place in Salt Lake City:

Dude…you’re the biggest f***ing pu**y fa***t. You’re
complaining about iced tea and a loud jazz game in
a BAR. How does a man become such a pu**y??? Was it
the way your uncle used to f**k your man-gina???
Or was it the way daddy used to make you f**k HIS
man-gina????? You’re probably better off at home
making your own iced tea and jerking off with your
own tears.

This post stands out for not the profanity, but the homophobic tone.

It also is emblematic of the general decline in good manners that has occured in the age of the Internet. When you had to face someone to spew insults, or your only wide-access avenue was a moderated forum such as a newspaper, then it was much harder to be rude and be heard. When you can write something like this while hiding behind the virtual bushes (which, I note, is common but cowardly), it makes it easier to avoid many consequences.

I find people like this sad. I see no evidence of intelligence here. This level of discourse is about the same as a teenager throwing a rock through a plate glass window just to hear it break; and the thrower runs away, of course.

One Response to “A Slight Downside to Blogging”

  1. Raegan Says:

    I’d assume low IQ and definitely low class, as well. Generally, intelligent adults can make their point without the usage of any profanity or sexual references. Sad.

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