More Voting Rights Act Fallout

The news reported today that the Justice Department is going to sue Texas to stop Texas Republican actions to change voting processes. These are more steps in the grand Republican Plan to suppress as much voting as possible.

Republicans have always said how much they are for individual freedom. Remember all the Republican slogans like “Vote Freedom. Vote Inhoff”? I don’t think that anyone can point me to any voter supression tactics being caused by Democrats. Well, Republicans, when you restrict voting rights, you are restricting individual freedom.


I hope the Justice Department next goes after Oklahoma, North Carolina, and other states where Republicans have restricted voting.

Why anyone who values freedom would vote Republican is beyond me.


One Response to “More Voting Rights Act Fallout”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    I just saw a snippet of a speech by Colin Powell, who is one of the few Republicans who is still trustworthy. I could even support him for President. He noted that voter suppression is contrary to the values of the country, and that Republicans should win people over with their policies instead of keeping their polciies draconian and keeping people from voting. Good for Mr. Powell.

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