Cosi, LaGuardia Airport, Flushing, NY

Così on Urbanspoon

While we were waiting for our flight home on 02 August, we scattered to get food in the terminal. I chose Cosi because the salads looked good. They were! I got a chicken caesar salad. The chicken was grilled and thin sliced. The ceasar dressing was from a bag, but not bad at all. As you might imagine, it was heavy on the lettuce and light on the chicken, but I liked it just fine, and finished it before the flight. I didn’t like the look of their teas (all green tea and herbal stuff), so I got a bottle of water.

Service was very friendly, and my check was $11.85. I will be on the lookout for Cosi locations that are elsewhere in the country.

One odd thing. The restaurant I ate in is called Cosi. The receipt I got for my meal was titled “Centerplate”, I presume the name of some other restaurant. Under “Centerplate”, it has a URL for “”, which is a gourmet dining place in LGA called “Figs”, which seems to be a full-service type restaurant, but which I gather is out of business. Three restaurants, one receipt. Hmmm…


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