What About Syria?

I am of several minds concerning the situation in Syria.

First, I saw a post from a conservative here in Oklahoma, who said “Let our enemies kill our enemies”. I think this guy is a preacher of some sort. I’m glad I’m not in his church. How can someone so filled with hate be fun to be around?

There were the usual conservative commentators on this morning who were questioning why we would be attacking Syria on “so little evidence”, as I heard one say on ABC. It’s amazing to me that every conservative I can remember hearing in the runup to the Iraq invasion was all for invading. Remember in that case, the briefings given to Congress (and not the public) were a “slam dunk” that there were WMD. Here, the evidence is apparently ironclad, and yet it seems the burden of proof is that much higher.

I wish that someone in the Administration would say something to the effect of “we are sorry the American public is so sick of war, but remember that the previous President lied us into it”.

I am of the opinion that if it can be proven that chemical weapons were used, and that the Syrian President/dictator ordered it, then put a stealth aircraft 10 miles outside Damascus, and as soon as we have proof he is at a location, put a couple 2000-lb smart bombs on his head. Then, let the Syrian people sort it out, without our troops being on the ground getting shot at. The same thing could have been done in Iraq.

And it would help if the Republicans in Congress weren’t so two-faced, supporting Bush when he cost us 4,000+ American lives in wars that had no justification for, and not supporting Obama.

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