Sad Commentary By Some Republican

I was listening to MSNBC around 0835 this morning on my Sirius/XM radio.  The subject was Syria, and a Republican was being interviewed; I didn’t catch his name.  He kept making the point that calls to his office were running “100 to 1” against any United States involvement in Syria, so we shouldn’t do anything.

My mind kept going back to the “debate” over any legislation for improving background checks.  Many politians repeatedly cited polls and calls to Congressional reps that were 90%+ for enhanced background checks.  Yet Congress did nothing.

It’s pretty amazing to me in that these inactions by Congress are in spite of public opinion.  I already know that many polits are not loyal to the American people.  Many place their loyalty to ideology first, party second, money third, and the people they are supposed to represent way last.

Public opinion is just part time of it, of course.  Trying the President of Syria as a war criminal (even in absentia) is another course.

But we have a huge problem with Congress that clearly needs to he solved, and soon.

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