Bricktown Brewery, Edmond, OK

Bricktown Brewery on Urbanspoon

I had no idea this location was even here until Raegan and I drove past last evening. We were looking for late dinner, and decided to give it a try. We got there around 2015, and had about a 10 minute wait even then.

Raegan got a chicken quesadilla that was pretty standard, and I got a chicken fried steak. That was an excellent CFS, clearly made on site. It was fork tender and had a tremendous flavor. There wasn’t hardly any gravy, and when I asked for more, it came in a tiny container. The mashers were skin and and very good also. My second side was black eyed peas; these were cooked with a lot of peppers and stuff, and looked more like a Campbell’s bean soup. I didn’t just love those beans, and didn’t finish them.

Service was pretty good. The iced tea was very good. Our check was $26.51. Not bad at all; I would be glad to go back.

This location is in the space formerly occupied by Reds Southern Diner. I miss that place; I wonder why it went out of business.


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