Flip’s, Oklahoma City, OK

Flip's Wine Bar & Trattoria on Urbanspoon

Raegan and Erin and I had dinner here a week ago Tuesday. We had not been to Flip’s in 20+ years.

We started off with some garlic cheese bread, which was very good. I didn’t like the marinara it came with, the stuff was chunky and had an odd flavor to it.

I got fettuccine al fredo with chicken. It was simply outstanding. Many times, restaurants equate richness with quality in al fredo, but that can be overdone, and leave you with a block of lead in your stomach. Not in this case. It was the perfect balance of flavor. The fettuccine noodles were also cooked to perfection. Erin got chicken parmesan, which was very good, except for the marinara, again. Raegan got manicotti, and while she liked the manicotti, again, the red sauce was just not a good flavor.

Service was excellent. The iced tea was very good. Our check was $80 or so (I can’t find the receipt at the moment). Not bad, and if we go back, I will ask for a sampler of marinara and see if it is still odd.

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