“Security” and College Football

I’m watching the end of the Alabama/Texas A&M game on CBS right now (I really turned on the TV to watch Discover Oklahoma, and the end of the game is on).

I’m struck by the presence on the field of a platoon of armed cops from at least three different services (from the uniforms). I estimate that there were about 25 armed officers around the perimeter of the playing field. It seems to me that’s just a bit extreme.

I’ve noted before that college football coaches all seem to have about three armed cops with them when they run across the field to shake hands with the opposing coaches.

It seems that at least OSU and OU started restricting what people can take into the stadium (as did the NFL). I can’t believe that there is such a threat that would drive that kind of restriction. I wonder if it is to keep people from bringing in food, forcing people to pay high prices for stadium food.

Is is really necessary to station armed cops to protect the football field? Are they going to shoot people who might want to run out there? Is there some sort of valid threat to football coaches, or is the escort an ego boost?

I have a hard time believing that there is a threat that can justify that level of security.

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