New Flavors at Chipotle and Qdoba, For Me At Least

I like the Chipotle and similar burrito places. The meals are flavorful, the places are fast, and the quantifies are not huge and gut-busting.

I have tried the steak fillings and found them a bit on the less-than-flavorful side, and I like the chicken fillings. A couple months ago, I tried the barbacoa at Chipotle when the server misinterpreted what I asked for, and I ate it as I abhor throwing away food (which they would certainly have done had I refused it). That barbacoa was excellent! It had a wonderful, slightly spicy flavor that I really enjoyed. It’s been my meal of choice at Chipotle since.

This afternoon we went to Qdoba for a fast lunch. I looked for the same pulled pork, but it was green, not red like at Chipotle. The server let me sample both the green pork and the (red) shredded beef, and both were excellent. The green pulled pork was not spicy, but had the distinct flavor of the green chilis that it was made in. I had them make me a naked burrito with the green pulled pork, and it was really good.

Next time, I am getting the red shredded beef. But I was amazed at the taste variety that I have been lucky enough to try recently. Great stuff.


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