Call Republican Obstruction What It Is, Please

Coming to work this morning, I heard several examples of the media not doing the job they are supposed to do.

In short, call Republican obstruction out.

The typical example was on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. A guy called in, and griped that Obamacare had been rammed through Congress on pretty much a party-line vote. If you look at this as a binary, it’s true that the vote was party line (rammed, maybe not so much). The panel on the show talked about how nice it was to have major legislation like the Civil Rights Act more bipartisan, while Obamacare was not.

But why? We have to go back to the statements by McConnell and other Republicans that they would refuse to work with Obama on anything. Even, it turns out, stuff they supported before Obama was elected. Much of Obamacare came from Mitt Romney (Mr. Severe Conservative). Much came from the Heritage Foundation (no liberal bastion). But, because it was now supported by Obama, utterly rejected by Republicans.

So play the blame game. Republicans refused to govern since 2008. Tea Party types make it worse.

Media people like on the Diane Rehm Show should be calling out the Republicans on what they are doing.

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