A Couple Good Online Purchasing Experiences

I decided a couple months ago that it would be cool to make a “license plate” for each of our Troop 15 trailers. We use them to haul equipment to campouts.

I sort of thought that I would use something like The GIMP to lay out some words and a Scout logo, then I would print the design out, maybe on some weather-resistant material, and glue it on a metal or plastic or wood carrier. First, I needed to find out how big a standard plate is. I searched on Google, and along with a couple references for plate size, got a couple hits for companies that make license tags, custom! It really wasn’t something I had considered.

I checked online reviews, and one called BuildASign.com had a good reputation. I jumped on the site, and used an online WYSIWYG editor to create a design in about five minutes flat. I was pleasantly surprised that the tags were about $14 each, which I thought was very reasonable. I submitted the order, and the things showed up about five days later.

This is what I built:


The tags looked great on the back of the two trailers. They are printed on metal, so they should be very durable.

I have had a bumper sticker that reads “I’m Proud Of My Boy Scout” on the back of my car for a while. When Ian was awarded his Eagle, I got another bumper sticker that reads “I’m Proud Of My Eagle Scout”, and put it right underneath the one I already had. Erin is working on her Girl Scout Silver Award, and I thought that I needed at least an “I’m Proud Of My Girl Scout” on the other side of the bumper, with room for a Silver Award sticker underneath it. I had bought both of the Boy Scout bumper stickers at the local BSA office. But… there was nothing similar at the local GS office.

This led me to an online search. Nothing. But my experience with the license tags made me think of the possibility of finding a bumper sticker maker. And it was even so. I found an outfit called Zazzle.com that specialized in custom bumper stickers. I used another WYSIWYG editor to build a nice example:


I ordered two of these (one for my car and one for Raegan for her car). It was $4 each, again, very reasonable. They arrived in five days!

So the new bumper sticker is on my car; we will put the other one on when we get her car back from being worked on.

I think that both of these experiences were very positive. The quality was fine, the speed of delivery more than satisfactory, and the price quite reasonable.

27 October 2013 Update

Our daughter Erin earned her Girl Scout Silver Award, and in the spirit of the Boy Scout Eagle Scout bumper sticker, I went back to Zazzle and got this:


While I was there, I noticed they did business cards also. I used the same sort of WYSIWYG work for about 10 minutes and ordered 100 of those. The packages with the completed bumper stickers and caards arrived four days later! Quality was as expected. I am very happy with the results.


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