The GOP Is Rushing to Obscurity

There is a photo on The Huffington Post this morning showing the House Republican leadership. My “representative” James Lankford is there.

I just can not believe that the Republicans are still pursuing the shutdown path. It seems that it was something they have been planning for since 2010 as a tool of politics. When you add laws that are anti-women, anti-middle class, continued unquestioning support for the police state (the Democrats have blame here also), and include their complete opposition to any form of compromise, that the only thing that can be assumed is that the Republicans are counting on the unquestioning support of the 15% of people who consider themselves Tea Partiers, and that they assume that their gerrymandered districts will protect them.

But I can hope that the affected groups of people will vote for who will support them, instead of those who are fundamentally opposed to them. If that can happen, the Democrats can take back the House, get a filibuster-proof Senate majority, and get the recovery accelerated. Then the focus can turn back to statehouses.

It will take a while, and Oklahoma will be one of the last until the the citizens realize the bait-and-switch types that they elected do not have the interests of the middle class at heart, but the Republicans are headed into well-deserved obscurity.


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