A W7 Wireless Oddity

I learned something new this evening doing a Windows 7 installation.

I was installing W7 on my HP 6930p. I have had trouble installing XP and Vista on the 6930p in the past, but have never had an issue with the wifi device. In this case, I had no issues during the installation, and the wifi was correctly identified. The adapter showed up in the network devices list, and was enabled but it would not show any wireless networks.

I did Windows diagnostics, and Windows reported the following error: “Windows couldn’t automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter”. So I was off to Google, and Bing. I bet there were 100 topics addressing this error. Most of the suggestions were along the lines of “Re-install the latest version of the driver”. One from a Microsoft tech rep (who obviously was not in possession of a single clue) said that the problem could be fixed by running a surface scan. I read most of the suggestions. Some of them I tried, but do no help. I didn’t focus a lot of work on this problem; I had a good wired connection that was working fine, and I’m just experimenting with this Windows installation.

But I was working on something else here, and I had a flash that maybe the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration Service was not started. It took a couple extra steps, but I found the Services menu. Hmmm, no Wireless Zero Configuration Service. But… there was a WLAN AutoConfig that was disabled, right under the Wired AutoConfig that was enabled. I enabled the WLAN AutoConfig entry, then started it, waited a couple seconds, then unplugged my network cable.

I watched the wireless icon in the taskbar pop up “Connections are available”, and then connected to my house wifi, and it was up and running.

I think it’s kind of less than smart to find and install a wireless device, but not automagically start the service that makes it go. Live and learn.


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