Some Good News On the Climate Change Front

I saw a reference last week to a policy in the Los Angeles Times in which the Times states that letters that have an untrue basis do not get printed as a letter to the editor. The note is in an editorial that places letters that claim that the President and other executive branch people are exempted from Obamacare are also false, and so do not get printed either.

This is a small step toward keeping discussions about climate change on an even and reasonable keel. The overwhelming consensus among climate scientists is that global climate change exists, and is likely human caused. Non-science people like James Inhoff who just deny that climate change is occurring bring nothing of value to the argument. If all they are trying to do is raise doubt, why waste print space and time to print the denials. The Times policy is a good step.

In a related story, the Obama Administration released new policy that requires Federal agencies to begin preparation for how to mitigate climate change impacts.

This is the way government is supposed to work: anticipate valid threats and plan to meet and mitigate those threats.

Both changes are small steps in the fight to mitigate climate change.

How about a national energy policy next?

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