Why I’m Not Worried Much About Obamacare

There is much sturm und drang from conservatives about Obamacare. None of that matters much to me.

First of all, the cost of health care was rising steeply. Obamacare looks to be dropping that rise.

Second of all, Republicans have done NOTHING to help the situation. Unless they have a better plan, STFU. Related to this is the fact that many parts of Obamacare are adapted from Republican ideas, that they repudiated just because Obama adopted them. Of course, that’s bipartisan, of Obama.

The website issues are a problem. There seemed to be fundamental issues with the contracting for the site, and in particular, a lack of comprehensive and indexed testing of the site. Bad CPARs should be written on contractors, and sanctions on the government people that let it happen. But the website issues don’t make Obamacare any less valid. If the website issues are the best the Republicans have, they don’t have much.

One of these days, the do-nothing Republicans are going to have to do more than gerrymander and suppress votes, and actually do some governing. Or they will be a party of screeching fools in a couple election cycles.

One Response to “Why I’m Not Worried Much About Obamacare”

  1. Harold Says:

    An IT guy I know said the Canadian company was chosen because they had the attorneys to understand the law. They were NOT chosen for technical excellence -they were not. They botched the software in Canada too. Too bad US did not pay attention to that fact.
    A Republican US Senator said the problems were cause the gov’t is bad at being an Integrating Contractor — he must have a Defense background.
    You points are still valid and in my humble opinion correct.

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