Filibuster “Reform”

So the US Senate today voted to change the rules of the Senate to allow simple majority votes on Presidential appointees to the Administration, and most judicial nominations. This is unfortunate in that it is necessary.

If Republicans could find some objection to these nominees, and then the objections be weighed and debated, then voted on, we would not have any problem.

But Republicans generally did not do this. Instead, they just filibustered and blocked votes on nominees. In short, they refused to participate in governance. They just obstructed. They also want to effectively gerrymander certain courts to keep Republican majorities and keep Obama appointees off those courts.

Elections have consequences. The party in the minority is supposed to work with the majority to get stuff done. As I have said many times before, Republicans have refused to govern. Stopping stuff cold, without debate or vote, is not governing.

The Senate action today is unprecedented. But the cause is unprecedented obstruction by the Republicans. The filibuster relaxation needed to be done earlier. It probably needs to be done for Supreme Court nominations, then general legislation.

Republicans are steadily on the way to non-relevance, by their own actions.

I’m also glad the Senate Democrats grew a pair.


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