Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK (122nd and MacArthur)

Italia Express on Urbanspoon

We really liked the Italia Express that was near St. John’s, and were disappointed to note it closed over the summer. I was talking to one of our Scout leaders at the last camp, who mentioned another location in NW OKC. We checked it out Tuesday evening.

The garlic bread we started out with was excellent, as was the al fredo we used for dipping. We also got marinara, but didn’t like it due to the bell pepper flavor in the sauce.

I got fettuccine al fredo with chicken. In a word, outstanding. Great stuff. The chicken was sauteed perfectly, and the noodles and sauce perfect.

Raegan had chicken marsala. The marsala was also outstanding. The dish came with spaghetti and marinara, which was the unfortunate overly bell peppered sauce again. Erin got chicken parm, which she really didn’t like since it had not only the spaghetti, but the parm was covered in the marsala again.

The iced tea and service were great. Our check was about $33, good value.

Next time we go, I will get non-marinara dishes, but I will also ask for a side of marinara to see if the bell pepper issue is chronic. It’s a bit of a drive for us from our usual areas of OKC, but if it stays as good as the location on May used to be, then it’s worth the drive.

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