The Hobbit Movie, Part 2

If such things bother you, there are spoilers here!

We went to see the second Hobbit movie this morning. I was not extra impressed with the first part.

I was less impressed with this edition. In fact, I never got the slightest bit excited. OTOH, I didn’t get bored either.

There were a couple things I just flat didn’t like.

While I liked the short bit that showed Gandalf heading to Dol Guldur, I didn’t much like the conflict between Gandalf and Sauron; it was out of character.

The orcs. How in the world did the orcs get right outside the elves HQ without being detected? The dwarves were detected far from the keep and captured, and they were trying to be quiet. The orcs were riding wargs, and making a hell of a lot of noise. Same for Lake Town, a whole platoon, and wargs, rode the bridge to get there, and get away. The running battle down the river was a little much.

The conversation between Bilbo and Smaug. If Bilbo was visible, he is dead.

The “fight” between the dwarves and the dragon. First, more amusement park rides. The gold that melts instantly. The dragon fire that turns on the furnaces. The huge gold dwarf. Trying to drown the dragon (if he is hot enough inside to make all that fire, he is stout enough to swim in molten gold).

One or two things I am not sure about. The story involving Bard, for instance. The Elf Babe and the Dwarf, for another.

I liked the battle with the spiders; it was well done.

As I was concerned about, I think all the extra stuff with the orcs and the river battle and the dwarves and the dragon battle (hmmm, a recurring theme?) is just filler to drag out the second movie.

I still think that the first movie should have gone to the dwarves capture by the elves, then the second movie finishing the story. I won’t be rushing to a second showing.


2 Responses to “The Hobbit Movie, Part 2”

  1. Ben Ragunton Says:

    Good points here Bill, and for me the part that bothered me most was Gandalf in Dol Goldur. While we do learn in other Tolkien sources that he did go there to confront the Necromancer (and that subsequently the entire White Council drove him out of Mirkwood), the manner in which that scene was given to us felt out of place with the rest of the movie, and I’ve always believed that Wizards are not meant to fight power with power, rather use their power to help guide and offer counsel to the other races of Middle-Earth.

    I think the only reason Bilbo was visible was so that we could continue seeing Smaug through his own eyes, allowing us a clear view of Smaug instead of the “wavy” effect that we see every time Bilbo had the ring on.

    Oh, and when did Orc have the ability to mill about Middle Earth in broad daylight???

    Lastly, I was reminded that Peter Jackson only wanted to do two movies, but it was the studio that insisted he do three when they saw how much material he had which then forced Peter to pad the film even more. I daresay that’s how Tauriel entered into the story.

    Again, I didn’t hate it, but by no means did I love it, and I won’t be racing to see this movie again either.

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