Some Random Thoughts On Recent News

I’ve not been blogging much lately due to a lot of work and personal stuff going on; nothing bad, just lots.

Intrusive Data Collection

I am so glad that a judge recently indicated that the huge data collection efforts that the US Government has been doing on Americans is likely un-Constitutional. It’s about damned time. US justice is built around catching people that actually commit crimes, not trying to ferret out who might. There are a lot of intrusive data collections that are based on the same NSA vacuum-everything concept. Some examples:

  • The Oklahoma DPS requires people registering cars to provide a drivers license. This isn’t to protect the tag agent from a bad check or invalid credit card.
  • The Oklahoma version of the ATF requires people getting a prescription for many forms of legally prescribed drugs to have license information captured when dropping off and then picking up the meds. This is supposedly to keep the raw material for meth out of bad guys hands. This also goes for some non-prescription drugs.
  • States and cities are deploying cameras that cruise parking lots and capture the tag info for every person parking there.
  • There are many other examples. Our Government has no business collecting anything beyond what is needed for a particular transaction, and that data should be deleted afterward.

    Duck Dynasty

    I do not care that one of the stars of this show is in trouble for saying anti-gay things. I do not care for “reality” TV at all. It’s not reality, for one thing. It seems that the people who put those shows on look for the most out-on-the-edge people, and then those people act over the top. There is made-up over-reaction, I’m sure that a lot of it is scripted, and that takes it out of “reality”.

    The people who want to make anti-gay comments are perfectly within their rights to be closed-minded bigots. The rest of us can comment back in the same way against the bigotry. See the next section.

    Equality Moving Forward

    New Mexico and Utah became the latest states to support marriage equality. I am so glad that judges are being more and more willing to take the Constitution over religion-justified denigration of equality.


    Congress passed a budget! I guess the Republicans finally realized that they can’t use Tea Party anger to govern, and wised up to the fact that the process is bipartisan.

    I’m very glad that the Democrats in the Senate exercised the so-called “nuclear option” to eliminate some of the ways for Senate Republicans to gum up the legislative works.

    That’s it for now. I’ve restaurant reviews that are piled up that I need to take care of.


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