The Drum Room, Oklahoma City, OK

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This is a fairly new place that has popped up in the Western Avenue corridor. Raegan and I had lunch here yesterday.

Raegan got the four drumsticks and okra. I got a half fried chicken with steak fries. We asked for some ranch dressing for the okra ($0.50 extra, really?).

It was a mixed bag. There was a dramatic difference in the two meals. The drumsticks were larger and meatier, and were cooked golden brown as you might expect fried chicken to be fried. For my half chicken, the drumstick was half the size of the other four (in fact, all of the half chicken pieces were small), and the chicken was all cooked very, very, very dark brown. There was also a slight burned-oil taste. For that matter, the drumsticks Raegan ordered had a different flavor altogether; I’m certain the breading was different. It was certainly not the best fried chicken I have had. Both of us had waffles with our meal; mine came with the meal, hers was ala cart. I should have given Raegan my waffle, since I only had about a third of it.

The sides were pretty good. The okra was nice and crispy. The steak fries I got were great. The gravy that came with the fries was outstanding, I would gladly put that stuff on a biscuit.

The iced tea was weak; I couldn’t even tell if it was brewed or something else like Gold Peak.

Service was decent and friendly. Our check was $41.72.

I think that was kind of expensive for what we got. As I look at the check now, I see that $4 of it is the extra waffle. My half chicken was $12, a little high, but the fries and gravy added another $5 (ala carte pricing sux). Raegans four drumsticks and okra was $13.

So I don’t think I will be back. I don’t mind paying a premium for really good food, but in this case we paid a premium for less than decent. Chicken is cheap, folks, and serving small, overcooked pieces isn’t the right way to do business. The sides were even more of an overcharge.


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