Mmmmm, Guisada

I’ve been on a guisada kick recently. Or guisado? Last year, I had a soup at the Wawona Hotel restaurant in Yosemite that was called pork chili verde. It was wonderful. After a while I decided to try and track it down at another restaurant, and after reading a bit I realized that it wasn’t really a soup, but a thinner version of guisada.

So far I have found pretty darn good guisada verde at Milagros here, and excellent guisada verde at San Marcos. Yesterday we had dinner at San Marcos, and on the advice of our server I had guisada roja. WOW. I’m not a huge fan of highly spicy food, but that roja was just a little intense with every bite, but it mellowed out into a subtle flavor I never could figure out. It was great!

Guisada will replace my usuals, which are enchiladas, chimis, or fajitas. The inevitable question that Raegan asked: which is better, verde or rojas? Hmmmm, dunno. I told her that the time we were at San Marcos, I might ask for a half verde and half rojas for a side-to-side comparison.

My reading about guisada indicates that it is more authentic Mexican than most other stuff. Regardless, it’s good!


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