La Cocina, Espanola, NM

La Cocina Restaurant on Urbanspoon

This place was outstanding. We picked it for a two reasons: it was on the road leading out of town, and it was New Mexican cuisine. UrbanSpoon had it listed as #2 for Espanola, and that is a well deserved ranking.

First, the salsa: it was great, not too spicy, and with a smoky flavor I am really starting to enjoy. After his disappointment at Josephs last night, Ian got the enchiladas supremas here, which were an order of magnitude better. Flat enchiladas (new for us gringos), shredded beef instead of ground, and great. Raegan got chicken enchiladas with green chili sauce, and they were excellent. Erin got sopapilla tacos, and she reports they were good; they were basically what we would call Indian Tacos in Oklahoma, with sopapillas used as the base instead of tortilla. I got another round of carne adovada, and this stuff was knock-your-socks-off good. The pork was larger chunks and falling-apart tender, with huge flavor, and not too spicy.

Service was outstanding, and the iced tea was great stuff. Our check was $62.69. Recommended!


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