Sunrise Family Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM

Sunrise Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We got into Santa Fe in the early afternoon on the way back home from Pagosa Springs, and chose Sunrise as we drove by. What a lucky find!

The chips and salsa was excellent. The salsa was a little warmer than we get, but I liked it.

Erin got a frito chili pie that looked really good. Ian got pork chops; I tried a piece and it was great. Raegan got chicken fajitas, they were perfect. The chicken was plump and perfectly grilled, with no charring. I started out with pork chili verde soup. Oh My Gosh. OH MY GOSH. It was wonderful! That stuff was great! It was a bit spicier than I usually eat, but the flavor was intense. The pork chunks were fall-apart tender. I also got carne adovado, that was very tasty and less spicy. The only problem is that there was so much I could not eat all of it. The pork soup in a bowl, instead of the cup I got, was a meal in itself. So this was a wonderful meal.

They close at 1500 every day. Service was outstanding, the iced tea was great. Our check was $55.22. Recommended.


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