Marriage Equality In Utah

The back-and-forth in Utah over same-sex marriage is unfortunate. A US judge spoke plain Constitutional truth when he said nothing in the Constitution prohibits same-sex marriage. And that’s been the case since the country was founded.

Even though the SCOTUS put a hold on same-sex marriages in Utah in spite of the Constitution, the US Attorney General said that the United States will recognize the roughly 1300 marriages that had already taken place. This is the decent and humane thing to do, and the Obama Administration is to be commended for taking that stance in a timely manner.

I saw a quote from the National Organization for Marriage that the action by the US AG was “outrageous”. To be expected, of course. They are on the losing end of this one, eventually. They really should be named the “National Organization for the Christian Marriage”, since they want to keep their beliefs forced onto all people via law.

Once again, it’s steps forward, and some backward, but overall, we’re going to win this one.

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