Blue Sky, Amarillo, TX

Blue Sky on Urbanspoon

While on the way out of town last Saturday in the early afternoon, we drove by Blue Sky, and I saw a sign “Hand Breaded Chicken Fried Steaks”. Well… I pulled right in.

We got there about 1220. About five minutes later, there was a line 20 people long that lasted the whole hour we were there.

Ian and Raegan got burgers. I tried a piece of Ian’s, and it was pretty good beef, well cooked. Erin got a HUGE plate of bacon cheese fries. I got the CFS. It was not the best CFS I’ve had, but it was far from the worst. It was clearly hand breaded, was mostly fork tender, and had decent flavor. It came with very good gravy, and nice fries. Raegan got onion rings as well that were excellent. Note: it’s a LOT of food. The kids got some shakes they really liked, and the iced tea was very good.

This place is order at the counter, then pick up your food when the number is displayed above the counter. Our check was about $52. If you are passing through, you could do worse than stop at Blue Sky. I will again.


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