Great American Grill, Amarillo, TX (In Hilton Garden Inn)

Great American Grill on Urbanspoon

We generally try to stay at this Hilton Garden Inn when we pass through Amarillo. We had breakfast here last Saturday.

The food at GAGs is cooked to order and usually a small buffet line. That’s the way it is in Amarillo. The scrambled eggs on the buffet were more chunks. I got a ham and bacon and cheese omelet that was very good, and some bacon as well that was well cooked without being cremated. This was rounded out with milk and juice. Everyone liked their breakfast just fine.

The main problem here, as in past visits, was service. It wasn’t bad, but the place was understaffed for the number of people in the restaurant. They were both friendly, but there was just too much going on for two servers. So eat the breakfast, just be prepared to pitch in yourself if needed (I went and got my order after it sat for a couple minutes, so it wouldn’t get cold). Our check was about $48.

The Garden Inn is a fine example of the HGI chain. We got two rooms, and both were good sized rooms that were very clean, nice large beds, and a largish bathroom. The TV was a little 27 in flat panel that was kind of hard to see from the beds. Wifi was decently fast, even with the pretty full hotel. The front desk staff was very good. It’s a nice hotel.


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