Paesano’s, Plano, TX

Paesano's Ristorante on Urbanspoon

I had visited the Home Depot just south of here, and was in the mood to eat Italian, so I gave this place a try based on UrbanSpoon. It was great! I had dinner here 12 December.

I asked for some marinara to dip the bread in; it was smooth and had great flavor. My meal was chicken fettuccine al fredo. First of all, that was a heck of a lot of food. I can put away some chow, and that was right at my limit. The al fredo was the kind I actually like best: not overwhelmingly butter, but you could taste the cream, and it was just thick enough to cling to the perfect fettuccine. The chicken was just the right amount, tender, and sauteed slices, just the way I like it.

I had a salad, but don’t remember much about it.

Service was spotty. I ran out of iced tea a couple times. But the meal was served very quickly. My check was $14.05, great value.


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