China House, Oklahoma City, OK

China House on Urbanspoon

I was south of Tinker at lunch today, and did a Google Maps search of the area, and decided to hit China House as it has been a while since I had any Chinese food, and it was close. I got there a couple minutes after noon, and left at 1240.

It was pretty good. I got sweet and sour chicken, which comes with a side of rice, and a biggish bowl of egg drop soup. The main dish was pretty good, nothing spectacular, but good. There was a goodly amount of chicken. Most importantly, there was none of the odd feeling I occasionally get when eating Chinese food (I generally have a cast-iron stomach). The egg drop soup was really good! It was hotter then heck. I like stuff like that when particularly when it gets cold, so I might go there again just to get the soup.

Service was fast, my check was only $7.52. Drinks are by the bottle out of a cooler. Good stuff. I look forward to going back.

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