Spam, A Downside to Blogging

Since my blog is publicly accessible, I get occasional spam. I mark it as such and don’t give it much thought.

Three years ago, I wrote a post about USAA insurance. It has had some legitimate commentary, but there is clearly some spam in there now that I read back over it.

So over the past three days, I have had *40+* spam comments on that post, and none on any other posts. I bulk marked them as spam, but clearly someone wrote a script that flooded that one post on my site.

There are a couple flavors of posts, but the largest variety are from a single first name (Hector, Carina), and they look like a single block of text that has had a thesaurus run against it:

Hello everybody, here every one is sharing these kinds of familiarity, so it’s fastidious to read this webpage, and I used to visit this web site every day.

I don’t know if their script is screwed up and was supposed to hit 40+ sites, or what the problem is, but whoever you are, bugger off, will ya?


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