Abuelita’s Mexican Restaurant, Del City, OK

Abuelita's Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I noticed this place a couple months ago driving to work, and remembered that we had dinner in one with the same name in Shawnee, and liked it. I had lunch here last Monday. It was a new food experience, and good!

I got pollo con chili verde. I think I was thinking about guisada, but that’s not what it was. This was chunks of chicken cooked in with poblano peppers, onions, and tomatoes. It came with frijoles and rice. It was really good!

A note about The Gringo Bill Hensley. I have never just eaten bunches of peppers. Spicy stuff, yes. I am not a fan of the actual peppers. When we get fajitas, I always order them without the peppers.

So when I saw all those green peppers in the meal, I just about paid for it and left. But, I tried the chicken. Excellent, plump and tender, and… not tasting of peppers. I ate a couple more, and tried the beans and rice (great!). Then I ate one of the peppers. It wasn’t bad (but it wasn’t good either); it had flavor but it wasn’t obnoxious. So I just kept eating, and probably consumed more peppers in this sitting than I’ve had in my entire life.

So the meal was pretty darn good. Service was right on the money and very friendly. My check was about $13.00 (I can’t find the receipt). I will be back.

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