Brooklyn’s, Stillwater, OK

Brooklyn's Contemporary Comfort Food on Urbanspoon

A couple weeks ago, on MLK Day, we headed up to Stillwater to visit Ian at OSU. He suggested Brooklyn’s for lunch. It was a mixed bag.

Erin got the baked mac and cheese, but only ate about half of it (she wasn’t hungry, she said). Raegan got a chicken caesar salad. It was one of the special ones that Never Seem To Get Smaller As You Eat. It was pretty good. Ian got a CFS; I thought it was pretty good. I got a Brooklyn Bridge Burger, which is two cheeseburger patties served open faced, with some cheese sauce on top. I asked for the cheese sauce on the side; I’m glad I did, it was not good at all (note to restaurant: how about just using CHEESE?).

All of this was… ok. Not OK, or OK!, or great. The iced tea was nice. Service was OK. The check was $55.46. It was very expensive for OK food. Dinner prices for lunch. I would be hard pressed to come back.


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