Great Wall, Edmond, OK

Great Wall on Urbanspoon

Last evening, after we had picked Erin up from a school field trip, my very cute and occasionally unpredictable roommate announced She Wanted Some Fried Rice. Well, cool. We did a quick UrbanSpoon and Google check, and headed to Great Wall. We got there about 1730, and it was empty.

We ordered a plate each of pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, and a bowl each of egg drop soup. All of this was very good. The soup was perfect, hot and thick and tasty, and right on the money given the cold temps outside. The sweet and sour was in a light breading, tender, and tasted great. The fried rice was very good as well.

They have decent iced tea, service was fast. Our check was only $22.11. I would be happy to eat here again.

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One Response to “Great Wall, Edmond, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    I just fear fluorescently colored sauces…

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