I Wish Recycling Was A FIrst Thought

I am a recycling fanatic. Cardboard, paper boxes, paper, any metal, plastic, I save all of it and put it out to recycle. I take my cardboard out to the base where there is a recycle bin for it. We always fill up our “little blue” bin every week.

I am always aware of a lack of recycling. But today it really hit home. We were finishing up a Troop event today, and afterward, I took on the job of hauling out the trash to the dumpster. There were dozens of soda cans, dozens of water bottles (many were half full), and many, many cardboard boxes for the pizza we had for lunch. This was from one event, with probably 70 youth and 60 adults.

The church had bins outside the hall, one for paper and one for plastic and cans. I personally put two cans, a bottle, and some paper in those bins, but altogether there were only about six cans otherwise.

I am going to make it a point to try to get our Troop to recycle more.

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