The Smokey Pokey, Stillwater, OK

The Smokey Pokey on Urbanspoon

We were headed home from Stillwater back on MLK day, and we stopped at the Cowboy Travel Plaza to get some ribs from the Pokey. I didn’t even know the place had a name different than the Travel Plaza, and that’s what’s printed on the receipt.

I got a half slab of ribs and some sauce. We went home. The next day, I took the foil-wrapped ribs, put just a little water in the package, and popped it in the over at 150F for about two hours. I made some iced tea, and some mac and cheese, and sat down to lunch.

Those were some excellent ribs! They had a bit of a rub on them, hardly noticeable, but they had an excellent crust, a lot of meat, and they were tender and smokey. I ate about half of them, and had the rest for lunch the next day. Still great!

So that place has potential. Ribs are the hardest thing to get right. I already look forward to hitting the Pokey again. My check for the half slab was $12.01. Pretty good value, I think.


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