In-Flight Entertainment on an AA 737-900

I flew BOS-ORD Tuesday night to escape the snowstorm bearing down on New England. The airplane was a very new Boeing 737-900.

The airplane had an advanced in-flight we entertainment system. 7-in class LCDs were in each seat back.


From the icons, it looks like the displays run a version of Android Linux. They are touchscreens. I played around with mine, the screens are not terribly responsive. Some if the functions didn’t work, like the reading light control.

After a while I settled into my Sudoku. Several people were using the dusplays.

I noticed the guy in a seat ahead of me was watching a video that featured a woman with full frontal nudityy. Shortly thereafter a naked man showed up. The program was an episode of the HBO series Girls. I checked my display, and sure enough that episode was there.

I’m surprised that AA would allow a video with nudity on the close confines of an airplane, what with the easily offended sensibilities of many people.

I hope that as WiFi on airplanes becomes more ubiquitous and cheap/free, a web browser will be added so we can check stuff like flight status.


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