Ling and Louie’s, DFW Airport, TX

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I was heading out on a business trip 31 January, it was early afternoon, and I needed lunch. I wasn’t in the mood for my usuals, and as I walked past the newish Lings, decided it might hit the spot.

I liked it enough that I repeated the meal about a week later.

I got chicken fried rice and egg drop soup. The soup was perfect antidote for the chilly temps, hot and thick and tasty. The fried rice was great, just the right amount, wonderful flavor, and again very hot. The only thing I could count down was the chicken. It was grilled and cut into strips and put on top of the rice, instead of being sauteed and tossed in with the (frying) fried rice.

The iced tea was great, and after the server for my table apparently missed me for five minutes, another server jumped in, and she was great! My check was $14.92.

The second visit was just as good, BTW. Same table, and great service. I like this place.


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