Bright Angel Lodge, Grand Canyon Village, AZ

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This is a multi-part review, as we had four meals here, and all were great!

After arriving at the Village on Friday night, visiting the South Rim, and checking into our rooms, we headed up to Bright Angel Lodge for dinner.

For dinner, I ordered a mushrooms and zucchini basket for the table. It came with regular ranch, and a chipotle ranch. Both were great; there was just a little zing to the chipotle version. The shrooms and zuccs disappeared very quickly. I ordered roast pork loin for dinner; it was perfect. The slight amount of dijon on it was a nice touch. It came with wild rice and broccoli. Nothing was left on the plate. I finished with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (hey, I needed the calories for the next day! đŸ™‚ ). My check was $30.55.

We had breakfast the next day before hitting the trail. I had biscuits and gravy (extra gravy brought without my asking, very nice), a side of (perfect!) bacon, hot tea, and iced tea. One of the biscuits was used with every bit of gravy, and the other had lots of butter and strawberry jam. Perfect meal, my check was $12.08. Outstanding value.

After we got off the trail Tuesday afternoon, we headed to the Lodge yet again for a snack. I got another round of the mushrooms and zucchini, and the other guys got chips and salsa and frioles. The refried bean dip was great with the chips, but the salsa was wonderful! It was thick and had a smoky flavor I really like. I also got a bowl of beef stew (it usually comes in a bread bowl, but I got it in a regular bowl); that stuff was simply wonderful (and I don’t think I was biased after having just come in off the trail). The tea was WONDERFUL (I probably am biased there!). My check was $17.13.

Finally, after checking into our rooms again, doing the car shuffle we needed to do, and having showers, we headed back to the Lodge for dinner. This time, I got the Harvey House steak. It was smaller than I would have liked at 8 oz, but it was cooked perfectly medium as I like it, and it had great beef flavor. I had it with mashers and gravy, and broccoli again. Not a scrap was left on the plate. More iced tea (great stuff), and this time I had a beer to celebrate our hike; it was great, a dark beer with a lot of flavor. My check was $32.07.

So overall, I would say that the Bright Angel Lodge restaurant is pretty darn good. I had nothing that was less than outstanding. Service was great, and the iced tea was perfect. I would happily eat there again, and will!


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