Blue Ribbon BBQ, Newton, MA

Blue Ribbon BBQ on Urbanspoon

OK, so I get behind a bit. This post is the last of a group of restaurants that I was in while on three weeks of travel.

I was driving to Boston Logan getting ready to head back home early, on 04 Feb, and it was dinnerish. My flight didn’t leave until 1945. I had just visited an Eastern Mountain Sports, and did a Google search for restaurants, and this place was right up the road, and on the Mass Turnpike (which goes right to the airport), so it worked.

I got a two-meat, with pulled pork and sliced brisket. Both were very good, smoked and tender. The BBQ sauce was thin and didn’t really have much flavor. The amount of food was pretty large. My sides were green beans (very good) and baked beans (OK). The meat was surprisingly good, better than I expected.

The iced tea was kind of odd but not bad. I tried the lemonade but didn’t like it; it had a sharp taste that was unpleasant. Service was a little slow; it seemed like the first time to built my meal failed, and it got tossed. But the Q was pretty good. My check was $20.84.

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