A Data Oddity

As a result of the ice storm we had over the holidays, the drivers side door handle on my LaCrosse was broken. One oddity of this car is that it has exactly one lock in the four doors, instead of locks on both the driver and passenger front doors.

So since I can’t repair the door handle, I ordered a replacement. As expected, the GM price for the handle is about $80, and the various aftermarket sites charge around $16.

But here is the odd thing. Every site I visited, to include GM (the OEM), had some variation of this:

Replacement Door Handle
Location: Front, Passenger Side, Exterior
Material: Plastic
Type: Exterior
Door Lock Key Hole Provision: With keyhole

Since the keyhole is on the drivers side door handle, this description is wrong. The photo accompanying the description, and the left-to-right orientation of the photos, is in every case correct. It’s just the description as being on the passenger side.

Since this was at no less than six sites I visited, including GM, I would imagine that the source data from GM is wrong, and it has been replicated by the various aftermarketers.

It will be interesting to see what I actually receive.

2 Responses to “A Data Oddity”

  1. nick Says:

    what happened??

    • Bill Hensley Says:

      The part they sent fit the car perfectly. So while the description is wrong, the picture is correct. I let carparts.com know, but who knows if they will fix their site, or let the upstream site(s) know.

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