The Latest Hatred-of-Gays Gambit

Several states have passed or tried to pass so-called “religious liberty” protection bills that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay customers. This follows several instances where a bakery owner or similar business would refuse service to gay customers.

So laws like this are inherently unconstitutional. The same sort of laws that allowed discrimination against blacks were finally struck down. That period of United States history is one of the worst for our country, and even today our black and brown citizens still don’t have full equality. The discrimination laws were the antithesis of the very concept of American pluralism, and were a disgusting example of bigotry.

The gay discrimination laws that are being considered are yet another example of bigotry. There are any number of arguments as to why the laws are not Constitutional, starting with the concept of public accommodation.

But a better question is, why are people so focused on gays. If your holy book tells you somehow that you are not supposed to bake cakes for gays, and it’s because there is some vague prohibition that labels homosexuality as sin, then by logical extension, you should not be baking cakes for any person who practices sin. No one has ever explained this to me.

I have had a couple explanations that homosexuality is one of the abominations, so that’s extra sinful, but again, there are a whole list of of those behaviors in the Bible, and yet I don’t see any laws being passed to allow discrimination based on that. How many bakers are asking people if they had sex as teenagers? Or how many ask if they have cotton clothes and silk underwear?

I’ve raised this question before in another context. If anti-gay crusaders like Oklahomas (to our shame) Sally Kern want to put anti-gay legislation on the books, then why don’t they put other biblically-based laws on. If the Bible says stone teenagers for having sex, isn’t that also worth getting put into law?

No, instead, I think that anti-gay fanatics are trying to satisfy their need to control behavior with what they perceive as an easy target. They draw false cause-and-effect (think “gay marriage degrades straight marriage”), and use it to whip up the easily led.

So. If you support discrimination, what’s your excuse?


One Response to “The Latest Hatred-of-Gays Gambit”

  1. Tom Says:

    It’s definitely a conundrum.

    The simply answer is that it has been part of western culture for millennia, and it’s easy.

    The prohibition against homosexual relations is based on Leviticus 20:13, which is interesting because it prohibits male homosexuality, but not female. In fact, I have never found a scripture that can be interpreted to prohibit female homosexuality!

    There is, of course, the 7th commandment (prohibition against sex outside of marriage). The logic there, of course, is that those who engage in homosexual sex cannot be married, therefore are committing adultery.

    The Bible does not contain any scripture about teenagers, but stoning was a punishment for adultery at any age.

    As for the whole gay marriage issue, as I have said before, marriage is none of the State’s business. It is up to those institutions who actually proffer marriage as a union. The State should NOT license it – in fact, if it’s really a right, the State CANNOT legally license it.

    I would counsel the bakery to consider the actions of the Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37), whose whose culture despised Jews, yet served the injured Jew as he would have anyone else.

    Judeo-Christian scripture teaches that judgement is not man’s, but God’s, early laws in the Torah not being excepted.

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