Venezia Italian Ristorante, Oklahoma City, OK

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Had lunch here today with Raegan and Erin, it was great!

I had spaghetti the works. Simply outstanding. The meat sauce was just the right thickness, and it was the right amount for the mass of noodles, and the meat balls were excellent. Raegan and Erin had chicken parm, and it was also very good. We all had salads with caesar dressing that was very good (the dressing was on the side instead of being tossed with the lettuce), and the bread was hot and went well with the marinara and al fredo we ordered.

Service was pretty good, and our check was $62.75 (that might seem high for three people, but the marinara and al fredo for the bread was an extra $6 [oh so worth it, yum!], Erin got some fried cheese for another $7, and Raegan got a piece of cake for $5).

I also asked the manager if this place was related to Napolis and all the other places that are characterized by the “spaghetti the works” item, and he denied any relation except the location in Del City, and one in El Reno or Yukon that his sister ran.

We only had one issue; Raegan asked for manicotti. She likes her manicotti like this: one with al fredo, and the other with marinara. To us, this seems very simple. Roll the manicottis up, place them on the baking pan, then ladle some al fredo over one, and some marinara over the other. Yes, there will be some mixing of the two sauces, but this is no big deal to her.

In this case, the restaurant refused to even try. The only reason given was that the sauces would mix. Hmmm, I wonder what happened to the customer being right?

We’ve seen other restaurants (even those that are in the famous secret “spaghetti the works” chain that is not a chain) do the manicotti just as asked, we’ve seen them do the two manicottis on separate plates, we’ve seen a horrid pink mixture of al fredo and marinara dumped across both (very odd), and a couple like here refuse to even try. It’s not that difficult.

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