Jaramillos, Oklahoma City, OK

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This place was great! I picked it from Google and Urbanspoon reviews. I went there over lunch, and I was the only customer, which is a shame.

I started with a plate of nachos with taco beef. It was large, and had generous helpings of taco beef and cheese. The beef bears comment, it had a very nice touch of seasoning (at a lot of places, the ground beef does not seem to have a lot of flavor; this place is an exception, the ground beef has excellent seasoning).

The queso and salsa were excellent. The salsa had a fresh tomato flavor and just a touch of spiciness. The queso was great, it had a slight smoky flavor. Mix both queso and salsa on the same chip, YUM!

For lunch, I had guisado puerco chili verde. Regular readers will note that I have been eating a lot of this recently. This came as a huge plate with rice and refried beans; these were great! The pork was in biggish chunks, and was very tender and flavorful. The chili verde also had wonderful taste. The spiciness of the guisado puerco chili verde was right at the upper limit of Bills spiciness tolerance. So great flavor, and almost to spicy for me to eat. It reminded me a bit of the same dish I had at Casa de los Milagros a couple months ago, but this variety was another step up spice-wise.

I know this sounds like of odd, but I might get a side of sour cream next time, and stir a spoon into the guisado to tone down the spice a bit.

Service was outstanding and super friendly. The iced tea was great. My check was $21.90. That’s a bit high, I know, but fully $10 of that was my lunch, and the nachos was a full order, and probably $6-7. This place was very good, and I look forward to another visit, soon.

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