More Attempts at Gay Discrimination

The Republican Robots are at it, somebody programmed them to introduce gay discrimination bills. These horrid proposed laws are reported to be introduced in Georgia, Nevada, and sadly, Oklahoma.

In every case I’ve heard, it is Republicans doing this. Small-minded Republicans, to my way of thinking.

The bill in Arizona is on the Governors desk for signature or veto. It will be interesting to see if some sanity is applied.

Why the huge numbers of Republicans think that they can ride a wave of anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-hispanic, and anti-black legislation, while ignoring job creation, income inequality, environmental issues, and other real concerns of the country, to power, is beyond me.

This is the very thing that swung me from being a longtime Republican, to an independent, to a left-leaning independent. One party wrapped their candidate in the flag, and refused to take questions. The other took positions, proposed fixes, and ran on the slogan “It’s the economy”. I looked at a do-nothing party, and a party that had ideas to fix real problems (and the solutions seemed to be valid), and the choice was easy. I hope the rest of American that currently votes Republican takes a look at this and comes to their senses.

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