Too Black and White

Couple bad examples in the news over the past couple days of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS).

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sort of lost his mind after a function of the governors meeting in Washington. As soon as a microphone was in front of him, he said the Obama Administration was “waving the white flag of surrender” where trying to increase job growth was concerned.

Now, if you look at the classic jobs created graph, any non-crazy person can see that jobs growth (which was negative due to Republican policies under Bush) reversed and corrected under Obama, and is still increasing. So his implication that Obama and company are not trying to encourage job growth is BS. Using the “white flag” comment makes his statement pretty deranged.

On another front, I have been listening to SecDef Hagel talk about the Obama Administration budget concepts for the DoD over the past couple days. There is a lot of talk about retiring the A-10 and the TR-2 and reshaping service member levels.

So, in a sadly predictable way, some conservatives started frothing at the mouth. I’ve seen all over discussions and forums comments about how this is part of the Obama Evil Plan to destroy/dismantle/neuter our armed services. It’s black and white to them. Cut or reshape anything, and you destroy it.

We have a sadly uneducated, unthinking part of the electorate. They have been fed BS by conservatives, and being the followers they are, don’t think about it, but just get pissed. Symptoms are endlessly reposting proven-wrong screeds, or mindlessly applauding conservative points such as drug testing for welfare recipients.

There are real problems in the country, and just obstructing possible solutions isn’t governing.

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