Furr’s, Moore, OK

Furr's Fresh Buffet on Urbanspoon

This is a slightly delayed post; I found the receipt buried in a drawer while I was looking for something else.

We have occasionally eaten at Furr’s Cafeterias, as Raegans parents were fond of them. This is a Furr’s Fresh Buffet in Moore, and it was pretty crappy. We ate here back on 29 Nov 2013.

The concept here is that you order your drink and get charged, then hit the buffet.

I will just say that off all the things I tried, the only think that was really worth anything was the hamburger steak. And it wasn’t all that impressive. I didn’t actively like anything, and remember that several items tasted bad, the mashed potatoes in particular.

Service was not good. I ran out of iced tea repeatedly (in fact, the entire table had dry drinks at one point).

Our check was $50.59 for six of us. It was wholly unsatisfying. Not recommended.

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