KFC, Del City, OK

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OK, so I’ve gone back and forth on KFC. I love the taste, but the cost and quality really went downhill a couple years ago. I looked at the cost part, and if you buy this stuff by the bucket, and make your own veggies, it’s not a bad value. The cost of the meals has dropped in the past six months as well. All this means I occasionally hit KFC for lunch.

It was even so Monday. I was in a bit of hurry for lunch, and drove past this KFC in Del City, and decided to give it a try.

This KFC really went a looooooong way to putting me off KFC. Service here for years was *terrible*. Part of this was basic preparation; I think out of five visits over a period of a couple months, for four of the visits, they were out of chicken. At lunch! WTH? The upshot is I haven’t been to this location in something like six years.

This visit was different. I got a two-piece original all white (my standard meal for years was a three-piece, but I’m aiming to lose 15 lbs before a backpacking trip, and you have to look at both volume and caloric content). It was excellent. But the service was even better; I personally interacted with three staff members, and they were wonderful!

One visit isn’t a trend, but it is far better than how it was. I’m not going to rush right back, but I also won’t avoid the place, as I have for a long time.


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