Just Some Random Butchery By OG&E

So, I am fully in the knowledge that tree limbs can affect power and phone lines that are on poles. Given that, power companies like OG&E have to trim tree limbs periodically. They have done it by our house a couple times since we moved there in 1997. Then, they sent a couple guys with pole saws, and they knocked some limbs down that were within a couple feet of the lines.

But this was quite different. An OG&E crew (who, when asked, pleaded that they were just contractors doing what they were told) not only trimmed trees, but they randomly took other trees completely down under the lines. They also clearcut a huge area away from the overhead lines. Here are the clearcut areas:

Looking North


This used to be a very heavily wooded area. You can clearly see that the destructo-crew took everything down to ground level.

I estimate that OG&E destroyed more than three acres of vegetation, here alone. You would think they are training for clearing the Amazon.

This is a view from my back yard looking towards the clearcutting.

More Random Destruction

The thing about this: there are a number of trees along the fence line that reach maybe halfway to the power lines. There *were* four or five other trees of the same height that were selected for elimination by the OG&E crew. Why those, and not the others? The trees that were clearcut were about the same height. You can see that from the picture looking south.

It’s the randomness of the destruction here that worries me the most. It was done with no consistency.

I sent a gripe to OG&E (two+ weeks ago), and today a guy called me and said that they had the permission of the property owners to do that.

I would call BS on that. Who would allow the power company to cut essentially a road along their fence line?

And again, why would OG&E even feel the need to do this amount of destruction? The trees UNDER THE LINES were years and years away from being a threat to the lines. The trees that were 5 feet to the east of the lines, much less the trees 30 feet away.

This is another example of corporate tyranny. No reason, and no recourse. Shameful.

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