Online Food Ordering, Potbelly’s

I’ve been buying stuff online for a long time, but yesterday was the first time I’ve bought food online. It was a good experience.

I’m working this week in Richardson, TX, and we were trying to keep our testing moving along. We decided to order in food from a Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop which is about two blocks from here.

I really liked the user interface. Click on a menu type (sandwich, sides, etc.) then select an item (a sandwich). You get another menu with options (toppings, etc.), and at the bottom is a text field and a pulldown, for entering a name, or adding the item to a name already entered. This was all intuitive and easy to do.

Once done, the order total is presented, along with the subtotal for each person (a nice touch that made collecting money for lunch easy).

At checkout, you could log in using an existing account, create a new account, or just give them a credit card (or pay at the store) and then checkout. I like those, BTW. I don’t like having to create an account for each place I do business at. My though here is that if you can routinely go in an pay with cash or credit and walk out, then you should be able to do that online. And it was even so here; I put my credit card on the SSL link and we were off.

The website informed me to pick up the order at noon (they deliver also), and Gayle and I drove over there at 1155, and walked back in the building at 1205. The order was right on.

So this was a good experience, fast and accurate. I liked it.


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